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I’d like to flow Just flow   Marching to the beat Of the Spirit With love flowing freely Effortlessly, gracefully, powerfully   Love oozing out of my pores Smelling up the room like roses Infecting my block Inspiring the masses   But truth be told I’m working on breathing Instead of swearing At the top … Continue reading


The Effects of Mass Incarceration

*This post originally appeared on The Burner Blog. Several years ago I entered the yard at San Quentin Prison and walked towards the basketball court with my teammates.  To be honest, I had some butterflies my first time.  There is something unnerving about the whole experience.   Multiple security checkpoints, guards with large guns and instructions … Continue reading



Save me From me Not the real me I’m talking about the fake one That scared and selfish thing Attached to the outside of me Somewhere deep inside is the real me The Beloved of God Unafraid and secure Connected to the Source Love flowing freely I see glimpses Now and then Looking into a … Continue reading

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Dallas Willard – Thank You

Last Tuesday, I read another chapter of Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart and discussed the implications with two good friends. One of these friends knew Dr. Willard and spiced up our conversation with first hand stories of his life. We smiled with admiration for the life and teaching of this influential author. Last Wednesday, … Continue reading